Saturday, September 24, 2005

Holy cow, that was easy.

Hello, I'm blogging at you now... ;-)

Today I got yet another bad haircut, and worked on my friend Kevin's computer, which is laden with spyware and other nasties.

Fall and the rains are coming, and it's getting harder and harder to escape the gravitational pull of my computer.

Last night I finished watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries on DVD. Very cool stuff. Quite dark. Laurel actually went to bed before the surprise twist ending! I tortured her sufficiently before caving in and telling her what it was. Anyway, can't wait to start the first season discs.

I also watched Blade: Trinity, which Laurel was too smart to partake of. It sucked, of course. Sigh. I so liked that first one...

End communication.


Roy said...

Oh my god--the trenchant wisdom--the outlandish intelligence--the good looks. When will you post again?

Roy said...

You forgot "still not king."

Roy said...

If anybody touches Frodo I'll kill them.