Sunday, December 17, 2006

I love Picasa

From Kodos
Just discovered google's Picasa program/service a little bit ago, and love it. You get a program to download, and a web account where you can upload photos, like the above. The program seeks out your photo files (and also watches for new ones coming off your camera). It's got a really nice interface for adding captions, doing little touch-ups (sharpen, brighten, etc.) organizing photos into albums, and uploading albums to the website for sharing.

Very fun and easy for non-photogs like me to deal with.

Anybody interested in seeing pics of my magnificent Kodos ;-) can surf to the "Kodos" link above--it's a public album that I'll be using to store the best of the pics we take of him.

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Roy said...

So, apparently this should be called, "my dog and I are blogging at you now". What about the rest of us. Aren't we any fun?