Saturday, December 01, 2007

Special Guest Dog

For a while now we've been sort of 'fostering' our neighbor's dog, Sadie. Isn't she a cutie?

She was a rescue, but our neighbor says she's a malamute cross. To me she looks more like a combination Collie & English Sheepdog, but who really knows?

Kodos loves having another dog around, even if she doesn't always want to play when he does.


Anonymous said...

To me, Sadie looks more like a Terv/Collie cross...

Whatever she may be, she's lovely. And I'm sure she enjoys the training!

Roy Pardee said...

Hey--you may have something there. Looking at the pics on wikipedia, there's a definite resemblance. And she has a double-coat, and her fur is *not* prone to matting, as it says about Turvurens.

One interesting thing about her coat is that although the top coat is dark colored, all she seems to shed is her very light undercoat.

Katherine and Pippa said...

Actually her furry rear looks pretty similar to Pippa's (we think he is a GSD husky cross). But she is lovely anyway.

Cynthia Blue said...

Not sure about Husky or English Sheepdog.. but definitely some collie in there!

Stillwalkn said...

We have a male dog that looks exactly!!!!! like this dog. We have been told he is Malamute and Collie. He's gorgeous, strong, loving. We'd love to know what he is a mixture of. The long hair seems to be Malamute, but his pretty face says Collie. Let me know if you get a definite answer on Sadie. Azul could be her twin.


P.S. We are in Spokane, Washington